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rough tank plan

posted Jan 26, 2013, 11:59 PM by Unknown user
The exact details of the tank we're planning on making are still vague even to us, but a few things have popped up as likely:
1. It will have a flamethrower.  We like flamethrowers, and the inherent danger of a flamethrower lends itself well to remote operation.
2. It will probably also have rockets, because they're easy to fire remotely and are quite badass.
3. It will have wheels, not treads, because treads are expensive and this tank is going to cost far too much already.
4. It will be a couple feet by a couple feet.  Smaller than a car, bigger than a corgi.  Beyond that, somewhat uncertain.  Depends on how compact we can make the flamethrower and how powerful the motors are.
5. Development will start in earnest around the beginning of the summer, due to parts being out of stock and us not having a suitable workshop set up yet.  Before then, work will be limited to aesthetic design and a bit of control system work.
6. It will be metal, not plastic like the turret and flamethrower v1.  Because of the size and number of flame-producing devices that'll be attached, it really needs to be either aluminium or steel.  Either way, it'll also have a cool paint job.