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more tank details

posted Jan 27, 2013, 7:22 PM by Unknown user
After some brief planning about the tank, we've decided that the best approach is to make it modular.  The wheeled base will be completely separate from the superstructure (the outer shell that holds the "fun" parts) and the two will be easy to detach.  That will make it easy to reuse the base for other projects without having to destroy the tank.  In addition, the control system will be a drop-in unit that can also be switched out.  Initially it'll be remote-controlled, but it could just as easily be replaced by an onboard computer that makes guidance decisions on its own.
Once we have a fixed design for the base done, we'll post it here.  Ideally we'll get a CAD file up, but at the very least there'll be detailed hand-drawn blueprints.  Expect a tentative one sometime in March, and a final one sometime in May or June.  The drivetrain pieces are currently out of stock until April, but once we can get those, it shouldn't take long to do the final performance tests.