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posted Feb 3, 2013, 11:14 PM by Unknown user
After a weekend spent hunched over a soldering iron (when I wasn't making five trips to Radio Shack in four days), the Lagermeister is done, and fully functional.  It's all put together in its nice shiny red case, ready to be bolted to the side of a mini-fridge, and although the wiring looks atrocious, it's passed every functional test I've thrown at it.  The only thing left is a load test with the full power draw of a mini-fridge, but as the wiring and relays are rated for 10 amps, it's fused at 5 amps, and the internet says that a mini-fridge draws about 2 amps, I'm not terribly concerned.

Pictures will be posted when my internet starts cooperating, which might be a while.