about us

Drunken Robot Engineering is a group of science and engineering enthusiasts who like to make cool things.  If you've got something you'd like us to build, e-mail Steve to let us know.  No promises, but if it's awesome enough, the odds are good.
We've got a selection of apparel available on CafePress.  We make a whopping 1 penny on each sale.  Mainly it's there so that we can buy stuff with our logo, but if you want some, go for it.

Current members:
Steve Norum is a software developer in Northern Virginia, working for a company you've heard of.  When he isn't writing code or making gadgets, he climbs mountains, rides motorcycles, and fights with swords.  You can contact him at stevenorum@gmail.com.
[name withheld] is a [occupation withheld] living in [city withheld], [state withheld].  He got his [degree or degrees withheld] in [subject or subjects withheld] at [university or universities withheld], and now spends his time making weapons, walking dogs, and valuing his privacy.